"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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List Rules

We are moving

After 19 years on email, the Euro Coach List is moving to Facebook

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Only the following messages can be sent to the list:

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  • Messages about coaching
  • Messages about running a coaching business
  • Messages about being a professional coach
  • Messages about other coaches, in their capacity as a coach
  • Requests on behalf of a coaching client
  • Adverts for your own products and services

Be considerate

  • No user shall send e-mails that may potentially be libellous. These include e-mails that may potentially cause harm to third parties, criticise third parties or cause others to have a lower opinion of third parties (this is a non-exhaustive list). These must also be excluded from any compilation which gets sent to the list
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  • The email subject header must give a reasonable indication of the topic of the email
  • Make a reasonable effort before sending in a request
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  • No more than two adverts per month for a particular event
  • No more than two adverts per year for a particular product or (non-event) service
  • Adverts must have an email subject header which starts with "Adv"
  • From 1st January 2009 you will only be permitted to submit an advert via a product, service or event listing on the website
  • Only the sender of a message is allowed to make the message public
  • Do not subscribe the Euro Coach List to your newsletter
  • Email attachments are not allowed
  • When posting a recommendation, declare any interest that you may have in the product or service

No forwarding

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  • All messages to the list must be written by the sender
  • Messages to the list must not be forwarded to any non-list member
  • Messages sent to you directly must not be forwarded to the list

List members are also bound by the terms and conditions of list membership


Here are some suggestions in case you want to post a message which is not allowed according to the list rules


If you have any questions about the list rules feel free to contact the list owner