"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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  • "I feel part of a large, supportive and loving community"
  • "Access to a huge amount of information, learning, techniques, attitudes"
  • "I can ask any question I need the answer to from a multi-talented community"
  • "The adverts I have placed have produced results"
  • "The Eurocoach list has been a place through which I have had some fantastic coaching"
  • "I feel part of the coaching profession, I work from home but feel part of a much larger group"
  • "I would not be without it"
  • "I love being in touch with other coaches and being part of such an amazingly generous group of people"
  • "There have been numerous business opportunities that have stemmed from the list directly and indirectly - conservative value £30,000"
  • "No one who is serious about being a coach could afford to miss out on membership of the Eurocoach List. It is simply THE (virtual) place for coaches to meet."

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