"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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Euro Coach List Conference 2014

Near Bristol, UK
8th-9th November

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Books by list members

Members' Profiles

Aboodi Shabi - Coaching for Personal and Professional Transformation

Alan Wilson - Transformational family coach

Alexandra Sleator - Career Acceleration for Executives in the Financial Sector

Altazar Rossiter - Explorer in Consciousness

Amechi Udo - Your Career Matters - Getting you clear on what you want, by when and how in your business or career fast

Angus McLeod, PhD. - Coach, Author, Developer, Trainer

Ann Lewis - Making Work a Positive Place to Be

Antony Parry

Aryanne Oade - Executive coach combining business psychology and professional acting

Bettina Pickering

Bob Beck

Bob Bollen

Bob Griffiths

Brigitte DENECK

Carol Whitaker - Creating lasting change

Catherine Mitchell-Reid - Coach empowering my client's confidence & self-esteem; CEO, speaker; wife; mother; survivor! Passion to enable others on the Journey.....

Cherry Douglas - Coaching for Career Change

Coen de Groot - Owner, Euro Coach List

Daniel Wise

David Adams - Business Peer Group Coaching

David Clutterbuck

David Miskimin

Debbie Winterbourne

Dee Harding - Empowering people to be the best they possibly can

Denise Taylor - Chartered Psychologist and Careers Guide

Dr Mary R Couper - Coaching group of Switzerland

Elizabeth Juffs

Elizabeth M Pritchard

Emua Ali - Helping you find your pathway to personal and professional success

Eve Turner - Executive, Corporate and Business Coaching, facilitation and consultancy

Gail Gibson

Gerard Jakimavicius

Gerard O'Donovan - Fortune favours the prepared mind

Gill Smith - Visionpoint: coaching, workshops, research and consultancy

Gladeana McMahon - When life gets in the way of living

Glen Ladegaard (MS) GoddessGuides Intuition cards and Mentor Coaching - How to Find and Trust your Intuition

Helen Caton Hughes

Ian Holder

Jackie Arnold - Focusing on Executive and leadership coaching - Clean Coaching and Coach Supervision

Jackie Fletcher - Life is a promise - fulfill it

James Macmillan - Helping you reach peak performance

Jan Portillo - Co-Active Coaching for individuals, teams and relationships.

Janice Taylor - Career Coaching for a brighter future

Jayne Warrilow - Be radical. Be real. Be resonant.

Jen Gash

Jeremy Lazarus - Executive/Business Coach, High Performance Sports Coach

Jesvir Mahil - Executive & Business Coach

Joyce Chiu Broadbent - I do not interefere and people enrich themselves (Tao-Te-Ching)

Judith Lowe - World-class NLP Training

Karen Williams - Helping you to reach your potential

Karolina Little - Professional & Personal Coach - Mindfulness Teacher

Kate Elliott - Business and Personal Coaching

Kathryn Pope (KP)

Keith Collins - The Inner Coach

Kevin Oubridge - Blue Chip Coaching - for leadership coaches who want to grow their business working with Blue Chips.

Kimberley Lovell

Lindsey Reed - GLOWS Coaching - empowering you to Shine

Lizzi Larbalestier - Professional Executive Coach - Cornwall UK

Louise Taylor - "Nothing is ever out of reach!"

Lynda Callaghan

Maartje de Wolff - Another Way Coaching - Another Way Coaching

Maggie Currie - You can't go back and make a new beginning, but you can start today to make a new ending

Marianne Craig - Mentor Coach

Mary Lunnen - Dare to Blossom Life Coaching

Muriel McClymont - Career Coach & NLP Practitioner

Neil Williams

Nicola Bird - Creator of JigsawBox, the easy-to-use online coaching tool

ORYENT (neuroscience coaching service: career, entrepreneurs, sales teams)

Paddy Landau - Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

Peter Mayes - Enabling people and organisations to develop

Pledgeable - Helping busy people achieve. Register for free at www.pledgeable.com

Polly McDonald

Pradip Mistry

Ray Charlton

Robert Rendle - Interactive Coaching

Ruth McCarthy

Sally Lever - Downshifting, Sustainable living, Sustainable business

Samantha Babington - Samantha Babington, Life Coach and Author

Sharon Eden - Executive Coach, Trainer and Catalyst to Women Leaders and Visionaries

Shelley Marsden

Stephen Moore - Coaching Passion, Power and Purpose - Change your life

Steve Preston - The Career Catalyst

Steve Roche - NLP Certified Professional Coach

Stuart Clark - Clark Consulting & Coaching

Sue Buckle - coaching people through transition

Sue Glasser - Development via Relationships at Work, Applied Psychology, Movement & Physical Awareness

Tim Nottidge

Tony Burgess - NLP Training and DiSC Certification training (for Coaches and Trainers)

Veronica Broomes - Small Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Pricing Strategies and Business Growth

Wendy Buckingham - Provider of Independent Information for Life Coaches

Wendy Howard, The Business Blueprint Coach - The 'Business Blueprint' Coach

Wendy Oliver

leanne lowish - coaching for challenging situations