"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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Lively and supportive since 1997

"I am addicted to the list. I feel part of a large, supportive and loving community, I feel I've made friends with people all over the world, in the easiest possible way. I have access to a huge amount of information, learning, techniques, attitudes. I have gained both confidence, and believe I have developed both personally and professionally due to being part of this wonderful community. And of course, I can ask any question I need the answer to from a multi-talented community.

Where and what else on this earth can give so much return for such little effort?"

Annie Jackson, Motivational Training & Coaching

"I have been on the list since it was recommended to me in March 2001 and I have found it a tremendous resource in a number of ways. My requests for information relating to both coaching and business have been answered quickly and professionally, the discussions have, in the main, been enlightening, and the adverts I have placed have produced results! There are many wonderful, supportive and professional people on the list and I value the contact I have with them."
Allan Mackintosh, Professional Management Coach, Author & Speaker

"The Eurocoach list has been a place through which I have:

Gained new friends
Found a place to live
Heard about things that I might not have heard of otherwise
Been given encouragement
Been able to help others
Had some fantastic coaching
Advertised me and my services"
Diane Kutz, Shaman, life adventurer and life journey coach

"Sense of community; great advice; inspiration; ideas; access to courses for me and my clients; news and views. I've found it invaluable."
Bob Foster

"For me, the Eurocoach list is a fantastic resource. It has made me new friends, alerted me to events, seminars and training I might otherwise have missed out on, added to my knowledge through the discussions and compilations and most importantly provided a safe and supportive place to ask for help and guidance."
Heather Warring, life and business coach

"Fantastic support - unparalleled - answers to very vexing questions - great IT support (how to back up Outlook generated fabulous informed replies within minutes). But more than all of that I feel part of the coaching profession, I work from home but feel part of a much larger group - I gain a sense of what is going on and I also have attended some fantastic events, workshops, social evenings through its medium. I would not be without it and I love being in touch with other coaches and being part of such an amazingly generous group of people."
Sue Ingram, Life and Executive Coach

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"The Euro Coachlist has been an endless source of information for me, but the best thing about it is the support you get. I have made a stream of friends through the list with many people phoning with their support and information when I have made a request to the list."
Jo Menneer, Parent Coaching, Catalyst Life Coaching

"If it weren't for the EuroCoach List, I would not have known about at least three opportunities that have accelerated my own development as a coach and as a person. The first two examples were workshops by other coaches which were tremendous value, and the lessons from them continue to be reflected upon.
The third opportunity was an invitation to do voluntary coaching with pre-exam sixteen years olds and that has brought priceless satisfaction. To say this particular experience of coaching is uplifting would be an understatement.
And then there are the discussions... although I often stay on the sidelines, am often intrigued and challenged.
Last but not least, the compilations bring information I didn't even realise I needed until someone else asked for it!"
Wynette Scott, Career and Life Coach

"I find the coach list to be an invaluable resource for everything from technical problems to advice on solving client issues. Plus the fact that some of the discussions are great fun because they show the passion lurking among us coaches."
Joanne Silverstein

"The eurocoachlist subscribers are community spirited - we help each other. The greatest benefit to me has been access to a huge pool of knowledge, both in corporate and life coaching, closely followed by the networking opportunities and friendships that have sprung from here. You are never alone and there is always a group available to bounce new ideas off and to share what worked for them so you don't have to reinvent the wheel."
Isobel Hewitt

"One moment I love being on the Euro Coachlist and then the next I loathe it because there's always so much good stuff to read and I get frustrated not having enough time. I have unsubscribed from time to time but then I feel like a child without my security blanket. Anyway I'm just dead nosey and I HAVE to keep up with things; I have to know what's going on. Even when I feel I'm drowning in email, I'd still rather turn on my back and float for a while rather than get out of the water."
Jilly Shaul - Coach PCC, CUCG

"I love the list and have learnt a tremendous amount from it."
Hilary Blundell, Career and Corporate Coach

"I appreciate the euro-coach list, particularly in its current digest form. Though I am an infrequent contributor, the list helps me keep across some of what's going on in the coaching world and I always respond to a request if I feel I can be of help. On the two occasions I have made a request, I have had positive responses. I also very much like the (mostly) supportive nature of the list".
Polly McDonald, Executive/Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

"I would like to say what an excellent resource and supportive community the Eurocoach. I've bought a number of excellent products, attended inspiring talks and enrolled in excellent training. Finally, it makes me proud to be part of the coaching fraternity."
John Sammers

"No one who is serious about being a coach could afford to miss out on membership of the Eurocoach List. It is simply THE (virtual) place for coaches to meet."
Diane West, Life Coach

"The Eurocoach circle has been an unexpected constant supply of ideas, often reaching far beyond coaching. Every morning I look forward to its lively, friendly and encouraging environment. In particular, the way Coen has structured the list means that the answers to questions are brief and to the point, full of value. Coen's charge for his large investment of time is paltry, and I paid without hesitation."
Paddy Landau

"Being a member of this list, for me, is inextricably linked with being a coach. I've belonged from the time it was set up, and have found it an invaluable resource of friendship, advice, support, interest -- and pleasurable irritation. It's allowed me to keep track of the development and creative ideas of other coaches, find answers to queries, find coaches for people who are not the right clients for me, and to find clients myself. I especially like some of the discussion items, particularly if they are passionate or a bit loopy. Sometimes I join in, sometimes I delete quickly, sometimes getting involved is a procrastinatory device -- but a highly amusing one. I save most of the compilations, and they have earnt their space on my hard disk by eventually turning out to be just what I, or a client, needs to know at a later date. Mainly, I just love the connection with other coaches -- the messages are a daily reminder of others out there doing what I do,with the same challenges, joys and inspiring ethos."
Sarah Litvinoff

"The coach list is a very important part of my toolkit as a coach. It's great to know that I can access information for myself and for my clients by simply sending an email to the list. Over the years I have found that I've effortlessly gathered information about many topics, just by glancing at the various emails on all kinds of subjects. It makes a huge difference to my life and I'm very grateful to Mark Forster, who started the list, and to Coen de Groot, who does a wonderful job in managing and developing it."
Maartje de Wolff, Personal Coach and Alexander Teacher

"I am a fan! - Since becoming a professional coach the euro-coach list has been a cornerstone of my business. Through it I have been a brilliant resource for my clients in being able to provide amazing information, resources and other coaches, I have attracted new and interesting business, I have formed great alliances with other coaches and enjoyed a breadth of awareness of our industry that I might otherwise not have. A key element is the sharing of information which underlines the non-competitiveness of our field. The list means that we are able to maintain and grow the high standards we have as coaches faster than we otherwise might if we all had to do our own research and networking. The connection of people it facilitates is astonishing, I'd be willing to bet the money and energy made directly and indirectly would shock as all in it's high amount!"
Ginny Baillie

"Having moved to New Zealand from the UK, it is wonderful to hear all the words of wisdom from the UK; I am always inspired by many of the wise responses that present themselves on a daily basis. I do not know of anything like this in any other country.
It is very empowering to be part of such a community and is a resource I would not like to be without. I get very relevant thoughts, insights and camaraderie from the site for an unbelievable price."
Sue Jamieson, Coach and teacher, Wellington New Zealand

"I am proud to be a member of such a supportive group as this, I have got so much out of it, it is worth every penny! and I feel good when I can help others too! where else would I find out about so many opportunities, and have people who will challenge and enhance my thinking. What are you waiting for? Join!!!"
Denise Taylor

"The EuroCoach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. As one of the first dozen or so members on the List I have seen it grow and flourish along with our growing profession.
Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living and sharing than from hundreds of books or formal seminars (even when I'm giving them myself!).
When I have been stuck and haven't a clue what to do or think next, the List like some eternal wisdom bank, is always there to help. On the odd occasion when I have nervously done a TV programme, the List has been there to allow me shamelessly to plagiarise other members' wonderful thoughts and advice.
The List has given me clients and I have been able to give clients to the List. The questions from the List have so often helped me to clarify my own ideas and stimulated me to provide a response, however asinine.
Perhaps most important of all the List has opened up so many wonderful connections and friendships which might otherwise have never come into being.
But it can't run itself. First, Mark Forster generously filled the need, and now Coen de Groot, who brings an unique combination of dedication, love of coaching and rare computer skills is our doorkeeper to excellence. As the coaching profession here in Great Britain and parts of Europe, we are truly blessed. Thank you, Mark, for what you did and Coen for what you do now.
£20 is the cheapest but best value subscription of any of my clubs and memberships."

George Metcalfe, Coach

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