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"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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Events organised for and by Coaches
NLP Practice Group
(Sat 17th October, 9.30-1.30 by Jeremy Lazarus )
NLP Practice Group for NLP Practitioners and above only. We cover 4-6
The L.I.F.E Retreat
(2 1/2 day event by Maggie Currie )
Get to be the real you in your LIFE I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO STRUGGLE. I’VE BEEN
Creating The Life You Want - a personal development course
(Sunday 29th November 2015, 9.30-6 by Jeremy Lazarus )
A 1 day personal development course - to help you take the steps to creating the
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