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"The Euro Coach List is absolutely central to my professional career as a coach. Through the extraordinary generosity and wisdom of colleagues on the List I have probably learned more about coaching and new ways of living than from hundreds of books or formal seminars." - George Metcalfe, Coach
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Events organised for and by Coaches
Harmonising the Artist and Engineer in Coaching
(10th March 2015 by Jen Gash )
The Artist & The Engineer A one day event for coaches and developers 10th March
NLP Trainers Training Open day
(Monday 16th March 2015 10-4 by Jeremy Lazarus )
Are you interested in finding out some of the benefits to you of becoming a
The Coach's Journey Towards Mastery - 1 day Alchemy of Coaching Workshop
(15 Apr 2015 by Ray Charlton )
The Coach s Journey Towards Mastery a one day Masterclass, Wednesday 15 th
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